Foggy Morning

As a photographer, it is delightful to wake up to a foggy morning!  Nature offers to us dreamy, magical scenes, for a few fleeting moments, that require little to no editing….Nature’s photoshop presets completed for us.

This morning, I immediately knew where I wanted to go, as quickly as possible (the forecast for the day was 68 degrees so I knew the fog would dissipate rapidly).  I drove to Cannery Cove Park and stepped into the otherworldly atmosphere that I hope I have captured in this photograph.  Cannery Cove is one of my favorite places, very quiet and peaceful.  This morning I had the park all to myself and this is frequently the case when I retreat to this space. It was the perfect beginning to a great day.


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  1. oh so lovely. love how you admit to “rushing” to find “peace”. ;-) woulda done the same thing.


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