I Feel the Need for Some Cuteness in This World

And here they are, cutest of the cute…my doggies. They are husband and wife, together all their lives. They were with a breeder until a few years ago, when he/she took them to the shelter. I had recently applied with a dog rescue group and I got the call on these two lovelies, asking if I would consider taking two dogs instead of one. Two dogs was not in my plan when I signed up but things often seem to unfold differently than ‘what we signed up for’ in life.


These two had been at the shelter for quite a bit. The rescue organization shared that it was difficult to find adopters who would take two dogs and/or elderly dogs. Some potential adopters believe that they will have higher medical costs with an older dog. I have found the opposite to be true. I have raised a couple of puppies and adopted an older dog in the past.  <!–more–>  If only people understood that the elder years are the easiest, most wonderful years. If you miss their walk that day, they won’t eat the couch. They are past the chewing, jumping, crazy puppy energy. They just want to hang out, give and receive love, and take naps. A lot of naps.

Here’s to all dogs and all creatures and all human beings…..May you find love.


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  1. They are beautiful, absolutely gorgeous looking cuddly dogs. Thanks for giving them a new home. Lots and lost of pats,


  2. Beautiful dogs! Thanks for rescuing these babies!


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