Reflections…. on Windows and Life.

Seems I’m in a reflective mood these days. I’ve always enjoyed photographing reflections, but they seem to be jumping out at me more than usual lately. I’ve taken so many in the past couple of weeks that I could not help but see the obvious connection between what I was photographing and what was going on inside me.


I’ve been thinking about my choices in the past and the effect they have had in my life. Some I would choose again. Others, I would do almost anything to go back and choose differently. Yes, I learned from those experiences but, if I could, I would still go back, choose differently, and find a more gentle way to learn the same thing.


I’ve also been contemplating questions like these lately……What truly makes me happy? What is most important to me in life? How do I define love?…relationship?…partnership? Since I’m not in a relationship at this point in life, it’s probably the perfect time to reflect on what a healthy one looks like, in my opinion. And it certainly does not look like these photos. They are illusions.


In the midst of all this reflecting, I still have my sense of humor and, I have to say, this looks like a very painful way to borrow money…..


Silliness. It’s a good thing.
Thanks for stopping by!


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