First Thursday Art Walk, Pioneer Square, Seattle

Last night, I attended Seattle’s monthly “First Thursday Art Walk” in the Pioneer Square neighborhood. Not being one to map out every detail in life, I started out on my own and the first gallery I came across was AXIS on 1st Avenue. It’s a beautiful space and I hope to exhibit my work there one day…..


After enjoying the exhibit at AXIS, the manager there recommended I head up to the TK (Tashiro Kaplan) Building and kindly gave me directions. On the way, this scene caught my attention…..



The Tashiro Kaplan building has so many studios that I could not make it to all of them! My first stop in the building was the studio of an artist name Ellen Hochberg. She has rented a space there that she is in the process of renovating and is going to document the renovation as it proceeds. Her beautiful drawings of leaves were on display this month….


Next, I headed down the hall and wandered into a studio shared by three wonderful ladies. The first artist I spoke with was Doris Kleemann-Fischer, who had an amazing exhibit of Fine Art Photography printed on metal. We shared a wonderful conversation and I loved her work. The problem is that I enjoyed the conversation so much, I forgot to take a photograph to share here! Please check out her incredible work at her website:

After talking with Doris, I turned around and, in the same studio, I saw this delightful piece by artist, Holly Ballard Martz. I think everyone needs one of these….


Next, I went to Gallery 110 and met Nancy Coleman. She had an interesting piece that caught my eye, entitled “The Big D”. She created this using a typed “D” from her family’s heirloom Royal typewriter (circa WWII) that belonged to her parents and which she, herself, used for years and years to write with and still enjoys using it today….


As I was heading out of the TK Building, I stepped into Karen Hackenberg’s studio. I loved that she shared her sense of humor in some of her pieces for I enjoy capturing humorous moments with my camera. Her oil painting on display was magnificent and this piece really caught my eye….


When leaving the TK building, I ran into Joseph Lavely ( whom I had met at a previous art show at the Bemis Building, where he was an exhibitor. He strongly suggested I see the exhibit at The Dome Tavern across the street. The exhibit there was Lyle Carbajal’s “Romancing Banality”, a mix of painting, installation, and film…..



By this time, the galleries were beginning to close. As I walked down the street, I saw these ladies inside a gallery. I decided to stop in to hear some (very original) carols and make a photograph of them…


I look forward to next month’s Art Walk and to seeing more work from the talented artists here in Seattle. To top off an artistic evening, the festive lights were up in Pioneer Square….


Happy Holidays!

All photos taken and posted with permission of the artists.

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