Traffic Cone Thief Spotted in Seattle

If there’s a report on CNN tonight of a stolen traffic cone (or, maybe that’s more of a Fox News story), then I’ve got a photo of the suspect. Well, maybe just an ID on the coat and backpack since his head is turned away from me (I wonder if he knows that he is walking by the Federal Building, so his face is probably captured on many screens).

I had just stepped out the door of my favorite restaurant and I saw this guy across the street. He was moving swiftly so I’m glad I didn’t even have to think about photographing this; often, it’s as though my camera raises itself to my eye without a thought passing through me regarding whether or not to photograph something. I just do. I did have one thought, here… what is he planning to do with that, anyway?? Perhaps he’s a photographer and it will be a prop in a future photograph. hahaha. Who knows, but the whole scene is good for a chuckle.


A little further down the same block, I was stopped in my tracks by the gorgeous shadows on the wall of the federal building…


I love night photography. When the universe tucks us in for the night, in a blanket of darkness, everything looks magical.

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