Who Knew a Trip to Home Depot Could Be So Much Fun?

A few of days ago, I decided to go to Home Depot to get a couple strands of Christmas lights to decorate the ceiling in the main living area of my home.

It turned out that Home Depot had no Christmas lights. Completely sold out. They were sold out of most everything Christmas-related. However, they did have this which I thought was a very cool idea and a kind gesture…


I left Home Depot with two Poinsettias and a wreath but no lights. I headed over to nordstrom to tackle an errand I had been putting off but truly needed to do. They didn’t have what I was looking for either… where DOES a gal find very comfortable hiking boots that she could walk for miles in AND they look great with a skirt? They had some great boots there, some even disguised as hiking boots, but not truly comfortable enough to wear for all-day walking.

The wonderful thing about the stop at nordstrom was when I exited! Here is just a small sample of all the wonderful things happening outside that night…





So, I went home with no Christmas lights or boots, but feeling like I had an adventure. And, that is a good feeling. There were also some poignant moments, tinged with a bit of aloneness (holidays can hit you that way sometimes), and maybe that had something to do with me ‘seeing’ and making the last photograph in this post.

When I arrived home, my feet hurt (haha…no good walking boots yet), but it was great to have made art out of what started as running errands. I wish for all of you great adventures and wonderful surprises along the way as you prepare for your holidays. xo

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