Seattle First Thursday Arts Walk – January 2014

The First Thursday Arts Walk for January 2014 had big shoes to fill after December’s event.  This month did not disappoint.


I was looking forward to seeing all the new art hanging in Seattle’s galleries and talk with the artists.  I first headed straight to the Tashiro Kaplan building since I did not make it around to see all of the many exhibits there last month.   I started at Gallery 110 (  The first exhibit that caught my eye was a display by Paula Maratea ( the Director of Gallery 110.  Paula had a very creative and interesting exhibit of fused plastic in velvet display cases.



Next, I headed down the hall to  Gallery 103 ( to photograph the work of Doris Kleemann-Fischer.  She is the one I wrote about last month where I ended up so engrossed in our conversation that I forgot to photograph her work!  Here are just a couple of her many works of art, the second photo being a one-of-a-kind original she created.  Please see her website for a ton of great, creative work (



In the same gallery, I spoke with Claudia Zimmerman (  Here she is, a lovely and gracious lady, with her absolutely beautiful oil on board paintings of our feathered and furry friends…..


Around the corner in the next gallery, two artists were exhibiting their work.  First, was Linda Davidson’s ( exhibit entitled “Nearer To Thee”….walls of tiles, and a very popular attraction to people the minute they walked through the door.



The remainder of this gallery was the work of Natalie Niblack with her exhibit entitled “Veiled”.   A very intriguing exhibit which captured quite a large audience and discussion all evening.  (



Down the hall I spotted some of the work of both Joy Hagen and Holly Ballard Martz of Gallery 103 (   First, is a photo of Joy’s exhibit this month, entitled “Slash and Burn”, created from encaustic and reclaimed wood.   Be sure to check our Joy’s website ( to see more of her stunning work in both acrylic and encaustics.


Holly Ballard Martz creates some very original art through encaustics and mixed media.  See more of her exceptional work at her website (  She had a couple of pieces on display this month and this one in the hallway really caught my eye….and everyone else’s! ….


And, oh my, what an incredible change at Ellen Hochberg’s studio!!  (  First, is the photo I posted last month of her studio space in transition, and then what it looked like last night.  What a transformation and an amazing exhibit on the power of educating young girls.

Last month’s photo….


This month’s photo…..



Just as I was getting ready to head home (as the gallery walk was coming to a close), I overheard someone telling one of the artists that she just “had to see the exhibit by Mary Coss at Method Gallery” (  She thought it was still open, so I headed over there straight away.  Her exhibit was entitled “Public Debt to the Suffragette” and she will be giving a talk about it at Method Gallery on January 23, 5-8pm.


As always, I asked her permission to take photographs and put them on my blog and she said, “Of course, and don’t forget to go behind the curtain.”   When you visit her exhibit, there is a curtain across the room which gives the appearance of a place one should not enter.  It is a solid white curtain, floor to ceiling that matches the white walls.  When you go behind the curtain, you discover why these long, heavy curtains are necessary for they shield all light from coming into the room for full enjoyment of her installation entitled “The Frameworks of Who I Am (my personal debt to the suffragette)”.   Beautiful and ethereal.  Photographically, this was the perfect climax to the evening because of the challenge it presented to me.  The camera I use is not known for it’s low-light capabilities; as a matter of fact, it has a reputation of being entirely inadequate in such circumstances.  This presents a wonderful challenge for me and I get excited to experiment with the possibilities of what the camera and I can create despite our mutual limitations.  Over time, I have learned that, personally, my favorite photographs that I make are when I push my camera beyond its limits and play with the light that is available.  The cathedrals on my website were photographed in that fashion and they are among my best work, I feel.  It was so dark in the room behind the curtain that I didn’t know if I would end up with any decent photographs but, when it comes to photography, the fun is in experimenting and trying.  I sat and waited for the occasional dim light from the projected photos on the wall, which provided a very small amount of light from time to time and I tried to synchronize with it.  Turns out, I LOVE the photos I made in this room.  Maybe I’m even ‘in love’ with them.  This is just my opinion but, since it’s my blog, well…everything I write is just my opinion anyway!  hahaha.  Please see more of Mary’s work at (

Here are a couple of my photographs from behind the curtain…..



Another great Arts Walk this month, that is for sure.  These works will be up for the entire month and I encourage everyone to go and take a look.  There are some amazing personal stories behind these exhibits and it is worthwhile to look at their websites and read the artist statements at the exhibits, which share some of these stories.  Even better, try to attend the Arts Walks, wherever you live, and see the art close up and personal and talk with the artists.  It’s worth your time and trouble.

Until next month….. let creation flow.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

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