Super Bowl Countdown – 12th Man Photos

Obviously, my blog is not a sports blog; however, being a Seattleite (and we ARE talking the Seahawks AND the SUPER BOWL!!), I thought it might be fun to post a 12th Man photo every day until the Super Bowl.  They are everywhere here in Seattle, so I started collecting 12th Man photos yesterday when I was out and about.  Bear in mind, they will be snapshots versus any attempts at a great photo.

May as well start with the most exciting one.  Last night, when my son and I were walking home, a fire truck comes screaming down the street, lights and sirens blazing.  As the truck slows down, I noticed a 12th Man flag in the side window and, as luck would have it, they stop only half a block from us.  As the driver was getting out of the cab, I yelled from the sidewalk….”May I take a photo of your 12th Man flag?”  With a huge smile, he yelled, “Absolutely!!” as he continued into the building.

12th Man snapshot for Tuesday, the 21st…



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