A Visit to St. James

I happened to drive past St. James Cathedral today and, when I saw that it was open, I decided to step inside and possibly make some photographs if there was no service in progress.  I have not yet photographed any of the cathedrals in Seattle to add to the personal project I’m working on.  Here are a couple of the photographs from today.  If you are interested in seeing others, here’s a link to the portfolio on my website:  http://sharibradburyphotography.com/PERSONAL-PROJECTS/These-Sacred-Walls/1/





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  1. A superb set of photographs with sublime use of the available light.


  2. This is stunning, thank you. I hope you will do more. St. Ignatius/Seattle University is a popular site of photography but there are others around Seattle, as well.


    • Hello, and thank you so much for your comments! I will definitely check out St. Ignatius and any others you, or others, might recommend in the future. I will definitely do more of these for my hope is to one day end up with a beautiful book of cathedral portraits (from around the world), with some text and thoughts about the experiences along the way.


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