Seattle’s Gum Wall

I went for a walk the other day, before the nasty cold and cough took up residence in me.  I’m just now finally getting back to my blog, still coughing but improving each day, thank goodness.  There’s nothing like a round of illness to remind you how wonderful it is to breathe clearly, and what a privilege it is to recline in your bed at night versus having to sleep sitting straight up to slow the coughing, and the incredible, wonderful joy of going about your day feeling good and healthy.

I wasn’t planning to walk to Pike Place on this particular day, but it’s good to take spontaneous detours sometimes.  As I crossed a small overpass connecting some of the businesses, I stopped to take a photo of a window pattern that caught my eye.  I noticed the gum wall below me, an all-too-common site to locals and not typically something I would photograph, but I liked the angle from where I was standing.


The gum wall is an interesting Seattle tourist attraction.  I’m not sure if people want to see it simply to experience the filth and disgust, up close and in person, of thousands of pieces of gum stuck to a wall that gradually drip down to the ground and stick to your shoes, or if it’s the rainbow of colors created by the various flavors of gum, or maybe just sheer curiosity and amazement.  One consistent thing is that all the tourists want a photograph of the wall, usually including themselves.  No one seems to want to lean against it, I notice.



So, if you’re into recycling, just save all the gum you chew and bring it with you next time you visit Seattle.  We have just the place for it.  ;)

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