Seattle Arts Walk – March 2014

I attended the First Thursday Arts Walk last night.  I missed the one in February since it fell on moving day for me, so it was good to have the privilege to see more work of the amazing artists in Seattle.  I decided to take a different route this month.  First stop was Frederick Holmes Gallery (  They attracted a lively and large crowd with an interesting approach… they had artist Angela Bern Castagnola ( working on her craft, live, in the gallery, and they had plenty of food and wine on hand for everyone, also.

B_Arts Walk-01


Next, it was  Foster/White Gallery (, a huge place with many simultaneous exhibits…..






Then I stopped at Greg Kucera Gallery (, where the outside was as interesting as the inside….







Down the street, I went into  Soil Gallery,, where one of the exhibits pretty much fit the name of the gallery….


I then stopped in to see the wonderful artists in Studio 103 and Studio 107 at Tashiro Kaplan ….,

Links to all of the amazing artists of Studio 103 and 107:

I had to leave the Tashiro Kaplan Building a bit earlier than I had planned, so I didn’t make it to a few of my other favorite studios there.  Next time!

On the way home, I came across an interesting little bar called The London Plane (…


Then, last stop before home was Axis (…



All that, and home before 9:30 pm.

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