Cloaked in the Darkness

When I looked out from the porch of the cabin, it was completely dark, raining and cold; the only thing (barely) visible, at all, was the light and reflection of a single lamp post.  Since the porch was protected from the rain, I decided to get out my tripod and play around to see what I could see.

An exposure of approximately three minutes revealed what was hiding in the darkness….


As my teenage son very wisely enjoyed a good book by the cozy fire, I stayed outside making photographs of the ‘invisible’ views from the deck until my frozen fingers couldn’t take it anymore.  In spite of the cold, it was fun!  (I know, I know…it’s no wonder I’m single).   I’m looking forward to continuing my experiments with “Revelations in the Darkness” (or maybe “Cloaked in the Darkness” ?).   Another fun, ongoing project is born.   :)

One other photograph from that evening, a one-minute exposure on the other side of the water….





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