The Night Before the Lunar Eclipse In Seattle….

So, I think you will understand my disappointment when I posted the Lunar Eclipse photograph (where the moon was hidden behind clouds) when you see my practice shot taken the night before.  An unedited, 47-second exposure, taken just 24 hours before…..  Look at that moon!!   Posting this in honor of what might have been.  Haha.

B_MoonscapeOkay, now I’ll shut up about it and let it go.   My consolation prize is that I think this practice shot might be good enough to add to my website.

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  1. Sensational Shot!!! Wow!! Thank you! xx Amy


  2. This is a beauty. Born and raised in Seattle, and my dad working at the Smith Tower throughout the 50’s, makes me partial to shots that have that building in the photo. As it is so dwarfed in today’s Seattle it brings special recognition to that wonderful building. Very nice Shari!

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