14mm Lens Testing Adventures

About ten days ago, I rented a couple of lenses to play with and try out.  I enjoy renting a lens now and then that I may not necessarily want to own (or spend the money to own if I won’t use it enough to justify the cost), or to try lenses I may consider buying.  Lens rentals are pretty reasonable.  At the local store here in Seattle, Glazer’s Camera Supply (https://www.glazerscamera.com), a typical lens rental (for a lens that retails for $1500-2000) is only about $25-30/day and if you pick up on Friday, it’s not due back until Monday for only a one-day charge.  Pretty awesome, in my book.  That’s a lot of fun over the weekend for $25… less than a Seattle parking ticket.

A few of the 14mm shots, just playing around to see what it can do, especially regarding straight lines in architecture, without needing a lot of post-production straightening of buildings….  (click on the photo if you prefer to see a larger version)














If I can find the time, I’ll post the 105mm tests on a later post.   Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Shari, each photo is more spectacular than the last! I especially love the red azaleas. Thanks for sharing the results of your rental.But here’s the big question: is that your condo with the fantastic view of the Puget Sound??? Whoever gets to experience that view every day is amazingly lucky!


    1. Thank you!! And, I WISH that were my living room!! Still, I am very lucky enough to have access to it through the sky lounge of my apartment complex. I consider myself fortunate to be able to go up there and access it from time to time.

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  2. Hi Shari. Exactly which lens is this, if you don’t mind divulging? Regardless of make, the images you’ve shared here are quite nice. I’m curious because I’ve been on the fence the past couple years about getting the Nikkor 14-24. Ever since I moved to using a full frame dslr about four years ago, I’ve missed my 10-20 mm super wide angle, horribly bad. The fact that the Nikkor 14-24 doesn’t take screw-on filters has always been my principal sticking point. But of late, my reservations on that have subsided a little bit.

    At any rate, thanks for the visit on my site this afternoon.


    1. Hi TF, You’re welcome on the visit and I think the view you had there is better than the 4th ave/Costco view (imho..haha). Regarding the lens, I did two separate rentals, once renting the 14-24mm and, on a different weekend, renting the rectilinear 14mm. The prime 14 rectilinear supposedly keeps the lines straighter in architecture but, honestly, the difference was so slight that it was undetectable in most cases. The 14-24mm was awesome, gave more flexibility in some situations, and seemed just as sharp as the prime, at least in the shots I took while I had it. Having said all that, this group was taken with the prime 14mm. Hope that helps.


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