Playing Hooky and Elliott Bay Marina

It was just too beautiful in Seattle today to stay inside.  I’ve spent the last several days in front of my computer so I decided to play hooky for the afternoon and take off on my bike.  I started out via my typical route but when I got to the place where I normally turn around and head back, I just could not bear to go home or stop riding.  The weather was perfect.  I took a detour and, at the end of the trail, discovered Elliott Bay Marina.  Beautiful place with a panoramic view of Seattle in the distance.

Part of Queen Anne Hill and Space Needle…B-Seattle-from-Elliott-Marina

Locked doors to keep out the riffraff…B_Elliott-Marina4

Where the skyscrapers and Space Needle blend with the masts….


Brave people live across from the Marina…B-House-Elliott-Marina

And, of course, a shot of my baby…..B_Colnago-at-Elliott-Marina



  1. Hi Shari. Nice shots from the marina. It has been a long time since I was in that area. Once upon a time I did some satisfying shooting of the trawlers that frequently get docked nearby. Reading this post reminds me of the handful of walks I did with my boys along Myrtle Edwards last winter (on cold sunday nights). I’m always telling myself to go back for some serious shooting on my own but I never have. There’s a spot, north of the fishing pier, where the path does a sharp curve by the water and there are some big jumbled blocks of rip-rap with the city in the background. And I just want to get something from there one of these days. What it is exactly, I dunno.

    Thank you for your comment on my last post, I really appreciate that you took the time to share your thoughts. It makes me wish even more I wasn’t such a sad-sack blogger. WordPress is a brilliant tool in the right hands (and the right frame of mind). I joke but I’m serious about figuring out whether I should carry on with it and how I would do it.


    1. Hello, and thanks so much for stopping by and your comments. I always love reading the stories of you and your boys. I know what you mean about how great it is when people take time to comment…. helps us all know that we’re not just talking to ourselves. Having said that, thank goodness for ‘like’ buttons when you just want to let them know you like it but don’t have much else to add. We all have those days. haha.


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