Seattle Arts Walk – June 2014

Seattle’s First Thursday Arts Walk in Pioneer Square was held last week and I was happy to make it out this month to visit a few of the galleries.  So much incredible work out there, as always….

My first stop this month was AXIS Pioneer Square. The works of Justin Kane Elder are on exhibit there this month.  About half of the gallery is filled with beautiful paintings reflecting his connection and work with Big Life Foundation, an exhibit entitled “INDANGER”.  Personally, I wanted to buy this lion painting.  It’s incredible to see up close and personal…such kind, yet longing, eyes that kept saying, “Aren’t you going to take me home with you?  Can’t you see, I’m yours?”.  I kept wanting to reach out and pet it, inside of the painting, and then bring it home, with me, where it belongs! :-)   All of the other works are absolutely fabulous, also, but this precious one was talking to me.


The other half of the gallery is filled with a wide variety of the artist’s portrait works, including many celebrities… even MJ was in the house.



Next, I went to Frederick Holmes and Company gallery, where the works of Mark T. Smith were on display, and the gallery was celebrating their First Anniversary here in Seattle!  They have built a very loyal following here in Seattle.  Congratulations to them!  Be sure to check out their website where they have wonderful, informative profiles on all of their artists.




Then, I headed to Foster White Gallery.  The light streaming into this gallery is a work of art in itself!  The featured exhibit right now is the work of Robert Marchessault, which will be on display from June 5 – June 28, along with other wonderful works of art.  Be sure to stop by this month!




Next, I went to see the exhibits at Greg Kucera Gallery, where you can always find a great turnout.  Don’t miss this month’s featured exhibitions by Marie Watt “Receiver”,  and Margie Livingston “Poured, Sliced, and Draped”.  These exhibits will be on display until June 28.





Support your local artists!

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