Torchlight Parade in Seattle

Saturday night, I saw the Torchlight Parade in Seattle for the first time.  I wasn’t planning to attend but I had to go out to pick up some late dinner so I thought I would stop by and check it out on my way.

As you might guess, when I went to ‘check out’ the parade, I ended up watching the whole thing.  I’m not a parade-loving person so I was surprised by this.  A side benefit to staying at the parade is that I now have the opportunity to torture you with parade photos.  Aren’t parade photos kind of like having (forcing?) your friends look through your family albums as they attempt to be super interested in pictures of people they don’t even know?  I think people show their family photos with good intentions . . . they took them, and they like to look at them, and want to share them with you.  But NOW (bwa ha ha), with social media, people can torture high volumes of friends and strangers with their photos that may, or may not, be interesting to others.

So, if you were at the Torchlight Parade, these may be fun to look at (though, still, probably not) and if you were not there, you’ll have one of those gold crowns waiting on the other side for simply be willing to look through them.  Since I’m a nice person, I tried to keep the number of photos reasonable and attempted to make them as interesting as possible.  Not an easy task.  There is one cheerleader photo (does that help?), maybe even a couple of funny pictures (like, what the heck is this person doing?) and some cute kids, too.  No puppies, unfortunately.  One dad is holding what looks like a stuffed toy puppy, if that counts.


So sweet . . .B_Torchlight-Parade-16

Cute kid.  Cute toy puppy. . .


At first glance, it looks like some of these guys are looking at the camera but, on close inspection, you’ll see they’re looking slightly to my left, where there’s a woman spectator doing some ‘interesting’ dancing. B_Torchlight-Parade-1 B_Torchlight-Parade-2

The following group certainly wins the prize for the most meaningful part of the parade…



There is always plenty of gesturing at parades . . .






B_Torchlight-Parade-7B_Torchlight-Parade-13 B_Torchlight-Parade-14

Yep, I saved the cheerleaders for last so I could get you to look at all of the photos.B_Torchlight-Parade-10

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  1. More, please! What about the dignitaries such as the mayor and the new police chief? Who knew that Seattle has so many girls drill teams! There were lots of beautiful floats, lots of beautiful horses, and I love the clowns! Yes, I watched the whole parade…..on the Internet.

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    • Aww, thank you. I do have more but if I posted all of them, it would be a very long post. haha. There were times when I couldn’t get certain shots because sometimes people would go out into the street and stand right in front of me. I just did the best I could from a couple of spots I found where I could stand without blocking anyone’s view. Thank you, again, for taking a look and for sending a comment. :)


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