The Blue Angels Pass Through Downtown Seattle

The Blue Angels are in Seattle for Seafair celebration.  Their practice sessions and performances are held over Lake Washington, which is far enough away that I do not see or hear them.  However, today, I was working at home and I heard the roar, so I grabbed my camera and ran outside.  It’s my first year in Seattle so I don’t know if this is typical, but they flew over downtown for a few minutes, then headed south, and then north, as if saying hello to many neighborhoods with their amazing skill in the sky.  From where I was, it looked like the people in the Smith Tower in Pioneer Square got the show of their lives.  The Blue Angels flew very close to their building, then circled around and came back to do a dive.  Twice.

I didn’t have the best lens for the situation, but I worked with what I had.  They are closer to the tower than they appear in the photo. (click to enlarge for a better view, if you like).

W_Blue-Angels_01wmW_Blue-Angels_02wmAfter their first pass above, they circled around, came back and did this amazing work . . . W_Blue-Angels_04wmW_Blue-Angels_05wmW_Blue-Angels_06wmAfter several minutes of being out of sight and far away after the previous nose-dive performance, they came back and gave us this . . .
W_Blue-Angels_07wmW_Blue-Angels_08wmA lone Angel repositioning and giving the folks in the Columbia Center a front row seat.W_Blue-Angels_09A pass over the Port of Seattle . . .W_Blue-Angels_10

And over Puget Sound . . .


For people not attending the show, it was great to see a mini-performance.  Thank you, Blue Angels!


  1. Those are great pictures with the Smith Tower, Shari. I took Adam down to Lake Washington on Sunday to watch the air show and boat races and sort of wish we’d just stayed home and watched from the yard. Some years they’ve flown astonishingly low over our neighborhood with their landing gear down. Depending on where you’re at in the city, you can really see a lot of the show. A long time ago when I was working downtown, one of my coworkers and I would sneak up to the rooftop of our old building in the hopes of catching a few glimpses of the jets.

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