Monochrome Madness

Monochrome Madness is a weekly blog ‘event’, hosted by Leanne Cole and Laura Macky, which is now at Week 24!  For those of us who love monochrome photography, it is a post we look forward to each week.  The photos, from people all over the world, are posted on Leanne’s blog and she includes links to each photographer’s blog/website, which makes it easy to look at more of their work and follow them, if you so choose.  It is great to have access to so many artist’s work in one place.

Both Leanne and Laura share their own beautiful photography on their blogs, in addition to writing interesting posts on many different topics.  I highly recommend checking out both of them.

The photo I submitted for consideration is of a cabin in a wonderful community where I lived in 2011.  It snowed that year, which is fairly rare in Seattle, and I noticed this ‘picture’ as I walked down to the beach one day.  I went out that day to get some photographs of the snow on the beach, which I did, but this photo ended up being my favorite of the day.


Happy Monday, everyone!


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