Aaaahhhh, Sweet Relief

Cooler temperatures and fog this morning are a welcome sight here in Seattle, at least to me! W_fog-in-August

No offense to the folks who adore temperatures above 85-90 (I wish I were one of them!) but, for me, it has been TOO HOT here lately.  I am starting to have fantasies about a summer home in Alaska and that’s a first!  In the Pacific Northwest, we typically joke about our two-week summers but, this year, we’re having a ‘real’ summer.  Don’t get me wrong . . . I love summer and sunshine!  The sun makes me feel very happy and energetic and I wish I could handle the higher temps better.  I love the amount of sunshine we’re getting this year, I only wish it would stay between 74-76 degrees.  For me, a perfect day is about 75 degrees with a pleasant breeze.  That’s heaven!  Once it starts climbing over that mark, I start to melt and feel not so energetic.  According to the weather forecast, we’re back to 80 degrees tomorrow, and 85 again by Monday, so today is a nice little break to prepare us wimps (okay, probably just me) for the return of of the heat.  W_Fog-in-August-2


    • Hey Gus! Hi there! Thank you so much for checking in to let me know you’re following and for your encouraging words (if YOU think my work is awesome, then I’m doing alright, because you are a such an incredibly talented artist in so many different genres. I’m proud of you, too!


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