Aaaahhhh, Sweet Relief

Cooler temperatures and fog this morning are a welcome sight here in Seattle, at least to me! W_fog-in-August

No offense to the folks who adore temperatures above 85-90 (I wish I were one of them!) but, for me, it has been TOO HOT here lately.  I am starting to have fantasies about a summer home in Alaska and that’s a first!  In the Pacific Northwest, we typically joke about our two-week summers but, this year, we’re having a ‘real’ summer.  Don’t get me wrong . . . I love summer and sunshine!  The sun makes me feel very happy and energetic and I wish I could handle the higher temps better.  I love the amount of sunshine we’re getting this year, I only wish it would stay between 74-76 degrees.  For me, a perfect day is about 75 degrees with a pleasant breeze.  That’s heaven!  Once it starts climbing over that mark, I start to melt and feel not so energetic.  According to the weather forecast, we’re back to 80 degrees tomorrow, and 85 again by Monday, so today is a nice little break to prepare us wimps (okay, probably just me) for the return of of the heat.  W_Fog-in-August-2

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  1. Hi Shari, Just wanted to let you know that I haven’t been commenting, but I have been faithfully following your beautiful photography and interesting stories. Awesome work—Very proud of you!

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