ROAD CLOSED. Woo hoo!!!!

For the past several days Highway 99 in Seattle has been closed for some repairs.  I live near the section of the highway known as the Alaskan Way Viaduct and I decided to walk up there while it was closed and take some photographs from views that are normally inaccessible.  Pedestrians and bicyclists are not allowed on the viaduct when it’s open, for it is an old highway, with very narrow lanes, and no shoulders at all.  So, this was a chance to see what the views were like from up there.

The first photograph I took was of my baby . . .


When I got up on the highway, it was completely deserted but, within about thirty minutes, this sweet couple came walking along, out for a stroll together.  I took a few photographs of them approaching and showed them the photos when they reached me.  Then they posed for one for me.  I have given them copies to have in remembrance of their evening walk on viaduct.  Aaahh, young love… it’s a beautiful thing.



I took a few photographs from this area, then rode my bike up there for quite a while, which was an awesome experience.  I hope you enjoy some of these vantage points of Seattle.




I had a little bit of long-exposure fun with the Seattle-Bainbridge ferry. . .





What a night.  I enjoyed a nice long time up there, biking and photographing.  In the late evening, it came to me that this might be a fun opportunity to take some interesting self-portraits.  I’m not one to typically do that but the scenery up there was inspiring enough to get me to at least try some.



I originally went out to take photographs that night but, I have to say, I had SO much fun riding my bike up there.  I was surprised at how incredible it felt to ride on a three-lane highway with no other traffic or people.  The young couple were the only people who came along, other than four young people who were there only a moment to take a couple of selfies, and one skateboarder who zipped by around midnight.  That was it.  It was so freeing and calming, and FUN!


  1. I did a breast cancer walk from Pioneer Square to Seattle Center with the major distance ont the viaduct. You capture things that are in front of my nose but not there until your and your camera helps me remember!! I think the night time experience would be far better!!! Nice Shari.


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