When Magic Happens (and it involves a Magic Lantern)

Don’t you love it when your timing is right?!!!  Even when it seems like pure coincidence?  It’s still a fantastic feeling.  I feel so grateful and fortunate when I seem to have landed in the right place at the right moment.  This happened to me just the other night.  At almost midnight, on my way home from my exhibit, I decided (very spur-of-the-moment) to stop at a local park.  As I entered, the sign said the park would close soon so I knew I would only be there for a few moments.  I went in and it was, seriously, dark.  I could not see my own body nor the grass below my feet.  I stood there thinking how nice it would be if I had a flashlight in the car and started mentally plotting my next trip there (with a light!).  I also did not have my tripod with me or the lens of my choice.  Spur-of-the-moment, like I said.  As I was standing there, thinking brilliant thoughts about a Photography Emergency Preparedness Plan to install in my car,  a beautiful warm glow came out of the darkness, not far from me.

A young couple was lighting a lantern.  It was so beautiful.  I started taking photos but my darn Nikon has such a loud shutter!  Think presidential press conference and you’ll understand what I’m saying.  Even on single-shot mode, they’re loud!  They looked over at me (the only reason I could even tell this was because there was a bit of light on their faces).  I felt they might be a little uncomfortable since they could not see who was taking their photograph, so I called out (safe-sounding female voice really comes in handy here) and asked if I could continue taking photographs and I would send them some.  They said, yes.  :)    I didn’t take very many because things happened pretty quickly, but I love the photos I got and I feel so grateful that I followed the urge to stop there that night.  I love it when life goes that way!!  Woohoo!

For those of you who don’t like noise in your photographs, you may want to skip these or at least not click on them to enlarge.  Yes, I could have used software to remove the noise but, you know what?  Sometimes, I really like it.  Maybe because I used to shoot film (and, occasionally, still do)  ….who knows, but there are times when I like what it brings to the image and I leave it, as is.  Of course, web-size looks very different than a full-res version, as you all know.  I hope you enjoy them, whatever your preferences.

Have a great week, everyone!!

W_Lantern-at-Gasworks-Park-2 W_Lantern-at-Gasworks-Park-3 W_Lantern-at-Gasworks-Park-5 W_Lantern-at-Gasworks-Park-6


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