Ghosts in the Night

Last night was SO beautiful in Seattle.  Warm and pleasant, a summer night in mid-October!  Even after 10pm, it was beautiful out.  I had to go for a walk and, as always, I brought my camera with me.  I decided to take my Leica, even though I rarely shoot with it at night because at high iso’s, it is less than stellar.  (It makes up for that in other dreamy qualities, of course).  Sometimes, I just take the camera I feel like photographing with, according to my mood and how I feel, and then simply work within it’s unique qualities and limitations.  I knew it would mean shooting long exposures and I did not want to pack a tripod but I have found that, with a little observation, it’s almost always possible to find a ‘tripod’ when you’re out and about.  In some of these photos, my tripod was concrete steps and, in others, a metal newspaper stand.

A beautiful night for playing around and creating ghosts.






    1. Thank you, Sarah! That one is my favorite, also. One woman, four legs. And I can’t tell if the guys in the background are checking out the ‘ghost’ or if they think I’m taking their photo and it’s all about them (if so, they would be disappointed that I didn’t even see them and was waiting for, and focusing on, the right moment when the woman walked right in front of the car’s headlights). Either way, they add some humor to it. Most of all, I love how the pace of her walk, mixed with my shutter speed, caught two separate strides. And, thank you for your kind words and encouragement. It is appreciated!

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