Lucy Lu

If you’ve been following my blog for a bit, you might remember me writing a blog post recently on the healing power of horses.  One of the horses featured in that article, and the one that inspired me to write it, Lucy Lu, just passed away.


Lucy’s love was palpable; the very air you breathed in her presence felt different and you could feel your soul renewing itself on the love that she so freely gave.   She had very special healing powers.  She knew just what you needed and, intuitively, gave it to you . . . in abundance.  Lucy was, and always will be, one very special horse.  When I went to see her mom, Colleen, recently, I could feel Lucy’s love there with her.  I know she will always be watching over Colleen.


My last visit with Lucy, a few weeks ago (when most of the photos were made), was at my request because I was feeling the need to be in Lucy’s presence again and, at the time, I thought it was for me.  But, now, I believe that my visit happened for a far more important reason.  The photos I took that day,  all taken very casually and unrehearsed, with no posing or orchestrating, are filled with Lucy showing her love for Colleen and vice versa.   I know this will sound strange to some people, but I believe that Lucy wanted to leave these photos for Colleen as a gift.  We certainly did not ask Lucy to tuck her head into Colleen so lovingly, nor to close her eyes when she kissed her.  There are too many unusual things in some of the photographs to simply be coincidence.  They now feel like a loving goodbye gift from Lucy to Colleen.


I want to add a couple of older photos to this post because they are special, also.  The next two photos were taken of Lucy and Colleen back in 2011.  Lucy loved licorice and could gently take it from Colleen’s mouth (an amazing trick they did together).



I feel sad that I’ll never see Lucy again and, at the same time, so very grateful to have known her and had the privilege of standing in her love.  I, also, feel honored and blessed that I was able to have these visits and the opportunity to make these photographs for them.  I have Colleen to thank for that.


Lucy Lu was born April 14, 1988, and left this earth on September 30, 2014, at the age of 26 years.  Even in her death, she showed Colleen how much she loved her in the circumstances that shortly preceded her leaving the earth.  Here’s to Lucy and all the love she shared with everyone she met.  And, much love, support, and gratitude to you, Colleen.

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  1. What an incredible story. Your words are the perfect tribute to Lucy’s spirt. I love the candid photos that captures their intimate relationship – how beautiful!

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    • Thank you, Sarah. That means a lot to me. I’m glad my words portrayed at least some of the wonder of Lucy, for it’s hard to put things like that into words and feel that you’d adequately portrayed it. And, as a blogger, you know how difficult it is to relay things fully but, at the same time, you feel there’s so much you have to leave out to keep the post from getting too long.


  2. beyond beautiful, both the photos and Lucy’s story. Thank you for a personal sharing.

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