Halloween in The Empire State

I recently visited Manhattan for a photography event, which happened to coincide with the famous NYC Halloween Parade.  I was also in New York for Halloween in 2011, while attending Jay Maisel‘s workshop, and we were sent out to photograph the parade.  However, that year, I was unable to get anywhere near it.   Thousands of people turn out for the parade every year and, in 2011, I could not reach the sidelines or see anything, so I photographed the crowds on the backstreets, which was interesting enough by itself.

This time, I decided that the best way to get photographs would be to walk the parade myself.  If you wear a costume, you can join the parade.  This was certainly a first for me, having never been in a parade (nor had the desire to be in one), but I’m typically up for new adventures and I wanted to see what I could get photographically so, I put on a costume, took the subway down to the LES where the parade begins, and got in line.  Turns out, it worked pretty well for getting closer to people and not having every photo be a ‘parade’ shot, especially since I was working with a 50mm.   It also worked out pretty well for being cold and having my feet hurt but, hey.

I realize Halloween is over and these are a bit late, but I wanted to post them anyway.  After all, the parade is pretty much a ‘one-time-is-enough event’, certainly not something I need to do twice.  Plus, all that waiting, walking, freezing, and sore feet would be all for nothing if I didn’t post them.  haha.   So, please pardon the delay and prepare for plenty of ‘grain’ and shallow depth of field, as they were taken at f/1.4 and iso’s of 6400 and 8000.

NYC_Halloween_01 NYC_Halloween_02 NYC_Halloween_03 NYC_Halloween_04 NYC_Halloween_05 NYC_Halloween_06 NYC_Halloween_07 NYC_Halloween_08 NYC_Halloween_09 NYC_Halloween_10 NYC_Halloween_11 NYC_Halloween_12 NYC_Halloween_13 NYC_Halloween_14 NYC_Halloween_15 NYC_Halloween_16 NYC_Halloween_17 NYC_Halloween_18 NYC_Halloween_19 NYC_Halloween_20 NYC_Halloween_21 NYC_Halloween_22 NYC_Halloween_23 NYC_Halloween_24 NYC_Halloween_25 NYC_Halloween_26

Thank you for stopping by and taking a look.  Feedback is always welcomed.  Over the next couple of weeks, as I settle into my regular schedule, I will go through other photographs I took while in NYC and post some later.

Have a great weekend!  May we all savor the moments and share our love and compassion with others.

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  1. I love love love these! Thank you for sharing them! So much fun. I love seeing the candid shots that reveal the personality beneath the costume.

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