Nov 7. The Day an Angel was Born


My beautiful baby brother.  It is his birthday today and I wish I could call him and talk for hours like we used to, and I wish I could give him a loving embrace, and tell him how much I love him.  He left a giant hole in my heart when he died seven years ago.  Seven years without him, now.  What I can’t figure out is why I’ve been on the verge of tears all day, especially since so much time has passed.  His birthday comes around every year, as does the day of his death.  I’m not sure why it hits harder some years, more than others.

I guess the reason I’m even posting about this is to somehow honor him on his birthday and to say to all of you, my friends, to hand out your hugs freely.  Whether friend, family, or lover, wrap your arms around the people in your life and, when you do, really feel the embrace, the exchange of energy, the way they feel in your arms.  Be as present as possible so that you can always remember it when they are gone.  When they speak to you, soak in the sound of their voice and hear the beauty of it’s tone and the rhythm of their words.  Give them the gift of truly listening.  We all long to be heard.  We all long to be accepted.  We all long to love and be loved, just as we are.

Happy Birthday, Doug.  I miss your presence here so very much.


  1. Robert Werner

    My best friend. The only one. I remember days going to church and drawing pictures with Doug. We would play pool for hours. Senior trip to Sun River. Beach trips to Seaside, staying the night in my Impala. Cruising in his Orange Camaro. I can count my true friends on one hand, and not all of the fingers. Doug was my best buddy in life. I know what you mean when you say there’s a hole there. Every November I start thinking about Doug more because my birthday is 1 week later. People used to think we were twins. The day I got the phone call, I was living in Longbeach, WA and walking along the sidewalk. My mom called and I thought it was just going to be a “Hello, how are you?” kind of phone call… No such luck. I dropped to my knees when I heard of his passing. I’m crying right now as I write this. I guess I still have un-dealt-with feelings on this.. at least my wife thinks so; I bring him up all of the time to tell her stories, etc. I miss him so much. Never have I known such a great guy. He was an Artist in every sense of his life. When he started playing the saxophone, he mastered it. He put himself into writing his own music and created his owns songs from his life. His work was his canvas, too. He was a master at produce preparation and presentation, and the places where he worked LOVED him. He could draw amazing pictures. I tried to keep up with him when we were kids and doodling in church. He is truly missed. Happy Birthday, Doug. Your friend, Bob Werner.

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    1. photogwriter/Shari Bradbury Photography

      All of this and more, my friend. I know how close you two were and I know that those who knew and loved him will never stop missing him. He was a very special soul on this earth. He knew how to love people and connect with them so that they knew they were valued, that they mattered, and they were loved.


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