Cicchetti Chefs

While out for a bike ride a few weeks ago, I stopped into Cicchetti (chi-KET-ee) to visit a friend who works there and, as usual for me, had some photographic fun.  Here are the hard-working chefs preparing delicious food for everyone.  By the way, fantastic food and staff.  Highly recommended.


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  1. It really is a hard working job … Great shot!


  2. I love this! I’m definitely taking this recommendation. I know you have good taste! ;)

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    • Thank you, Sarah. It was so good and super healthy (at least what I ordered). I still had to ride back home so I needed something that wouldn’t overfill my tummy for exercise. They recommended a couple of things and the one I ate was perfect, just right for a few more miles of biking. And delicious! Let me know if you want to go out there together sometime because I’m hoping to go back there soon. :)


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