Grainy Daffodils (Day 3 of ‘5-day B&W Photo Challenge’)

Time for some ‘old-fashioned’ b&w, courtesy of my M3. Earlier this year, in the spring, I took a day away by myself and went up to the famous tulip fields in La Conner. Being either smart, or weird, or maybe both, I made sure I went before the tulips actually bloomed. The beauty of that choice was that I had the entire town to myself. No one else at my B&B, no one on the roads but the farmers. No line when I went to pick up a photographer’s pass so that I could enter the fields if I chose to do that. Deserted. You see, thousands of people come from all over to see the them in bloom. Those tulip fields have been photographed by everyone…and all their cousins, grandparents, maybe even their dogs. Personally, I’ve never been up there when the tulips are in bloom, even though I live within an hour’s drive. I wanted to experience the farms as they are 95% of the year, and not the crazed few weeks of tourist season. So, I went while the tulips were still in bud form and there were just a few of the daffodil fields left to be harvested. It was a great mini-vacation. Most of the photos are on my website under my farmlands project, but for the b&w challenge, here is a high-grain mess (I love that!), known as Ilford Delta HP5 (that’s the name of the film brand/type for my non-photographer friends).  Have a great Saturday evening!


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