Mr. ‘Sweetlove’ Jackson

A couple of weeks ago, I had a portrait session with a woman who will be included in a long-term project I’m working on and, much to my joy, her ‘grand-dog’ was there.   His name is Jackson and he is a giant bundle of love.  He made me feel welcome by residing at (ok, on) my feet almost the entire time.  He was so sweet and cute that I just had to ask him for a mini portrait session while I was there, and he graciously sat for me.  Thank you, Mr. Jackson.  :)




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  1. Thank you, Sarah. I’m doing more and more b&w these days. Just because I love it! :)


  2. Oh so adorable! It takes a lot of skill (and well-trained subjects) to photograph animals! Your black & white is absolutely beautiful.

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