Recently, in West Seattle . . .

I was in West Seattle a few days ago to meet a friend for lunch and, as I was walking back to my car, I noticed a beautiful mural in progress.

W_Rockwell-Mural-01My first thought was how wonderful that street art was being supported and, upon closer inspection, how beautiful this work-in-progress was.



The talented artist behind this work is a man named Don Rockwell.  If you want to see some amazing murals, check out his site.  Some great stuff there.  I think my favorite mural on his site is the one of Jimi Hendrix but, this current one, of Jini Dellaccio, might just be the best ever (so far).  If you are not familiar with her and her work, please click on the link to learn more.


This mural is being painted in collaboration with Easy Street Records, on the corner of California Way and Alaska, to coordinate with their exhibition and celebration of her work.  If you can make it over there before the show closes on January 26, I highly recommend seeing it.


B_Jini-Dellaccio_06Plenty of b&w film work, which you know, I LOVE!!   I relate to her photography on another level, also, because I enjoy photographing musical performances and musicians.  It is not part of my livelihood because I have not found it to pay the rent, but I do it whenever I attend a show for the sheer love of it.  Music and photography… two of my favorite things.

I returned to West Seattle today to photograph the finished mural.  It was getting plenty of attention and documentation from other admirers. B_Jini-Dellagio_X

Here’s a photo of the finale, in color, followed by ‘my versions’ in b&w.




Jini Dellaccio passed away recently at the age of 97.  If you’d like to see more of her work, please visit her website, now In Memoriam.


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