Seattle Streets After the Playoffs. . .

I thought maybe those of you who do not live here might enjoy seeing what downtown Seattle looked like after the game yesterday.  Smiles, high-fives, hugs. . .  even if you were sitting in the gridlock of post-game traffic, someone would run by your car and give you a high-five.  For Seahawks fans, it’s a dream come true to be heading to the Super Bowl again.  Yesterday’s game was a dream that began as though it might be a nightmare, but transformed, in the final moments, and delivered a grand and happy, surprise ending to the 12th man.

W_Playoff-Celebrations_1 W_Playoff-Celebrations_2 W_Playoff-Celebrations_3W_Playoff-Celebrations_06a


W_Playoff-Celebrations_4 W_Playoff-Celebrations_5W_Playoff-Celebrations_9 W_Playoff-Celebrations_10

W_Playoff-Celebrations_8W_Playoff-Celebrations_07 W_Playoff-Celebrations_12W_Playoff-Celebrations_14W_Playoff-Celebrations_11 W_Playoff-Celebrations_15 W_Playoff-Celebrations_16 W_Playoff-Celebrations_17 W_Playoff-Celebrations_13W_Playoff-Celebrations_18 W_Playoff-Celebrations_19 W_Playoff-Celebrations_20 W_Playoff-Celebrations_21 W_Playoff-Celebrations_22 W_Playoff-Celebrations_23Have a great week, everyone!!

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