Theatre, Sketching, and Good People


Last night, I attended an arts event that was a unique and interesting twist on figure drawing classes, where artists come in and sketch a (typically nude) model.  This sketch class; however, hosted by Arts Unlimited of Renton, had actors from the 425 Theatre Project as models.  Last night’s theme was the 1920s and the models/actors offered both still poses and ‘action’ poses, where the actors would begin playing a scene and, at any point, someone in the audience could yell, “Freeze!”, and the actors would stop and hold whatever pose they were in.  They held some very difficult poses for quite a long time.  Not an easy job to be a model!


It was a very casual atmosphere, which was great.  Everyone felt comfortable getting up and moving around, taking photographs, and having a little wine and dinner as they sketched.  Very nice group of people.




I thought black and white photos would be fitting for the 1920s theme and I edited them in Silver Efex, using Ilford Delta 400 Pro film setting.

425-Theatre-Project_01wm 425-Theatre-Project_03wm 425-Theatre-Project_04wm 425-Theatre-Project_08wm 425-Theatre-Project_10wm

There were some amazing artists in attendance who produced incredible sketches.  I didn’t try my hand at drawing.  I don’t think I could draw a straight stick figure but, who knows, maybe I’ll try next month.  If I sit way in the back and no one can see what I draw, I might consider it.  The theme next month will be Alice in Wonderland.  Should be interesting!


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