11th Annual Onyx Fine Arts Exhibition


Over the weekend, I attended the opening of the Onyx Fine Arts Exhibition, held at the Jacob Lawrence Gallery, at the University of Washington School of Art + Art History + Design.  A wide variety of work, by amazing and very talented artists, is on exhibit there.  Just a few of the artists were Earnest Thomas, Carletta Carrington Wilson, Lisa Brown, Eric Salisbury, Danie Allinice, Pamelagrace Beatty, Orenda Ayashe, Jay Taylor, Robert Horton, and many, many others.  The exhibit continues until September 4 and is a fabulous investment of your time and effort!

(click on photos to see a larger version)
There was a raffle for several beautiful works of art, one of which I wanted so much that I put six tickets in the basket (this piece by Al Doggett).  I did not win it; however, I am very happy for the lady who won that artwork for she loved it as much as I did, and was thrilled to receive it.

Plenty of laughter….


This couple won two of the artworks being raffled off, this one by Paul Hebron.

L1002584_EbwL1002590_EbwIt was a fun event and a joy to meet some of the artists exhibiting, and others there to see the art, and support the artists.


  1. Hi Shari,
    I just came across your blog. How gorgeous and eloquent these Black & White photos!! Thank you for sharing this ONYX event on your blog. We missed something in Portland but Onyx gallery is a wonderful place to catch up.,, Big hug to you. Rajaa


    1. Thank you, Rajaa! I’m glad you found my blog/post! I wish I could have gone to the Portland event but I didn’t know about it in time to make arrangements. I hope to be at any future events, for sure. I also want to say that I LOVE your work! Beautiful beyond words. I am adding a link here to share it with others who happen to see my reply…. http://rajaagharbi.com/. Big hug to you, too!


  2. Hi Shari,
    It was very much a pleasure to meet you at the exhibit and I too have become a fan of your work. Thanks for visiting with us at Onyx and sharing our event on your blog.


  3. What a wonderous collection of photos you put together dear Shari. I’m immediately loving ALL of your blog work. Not just the photos but your thoughts on what you have documented and the angle you arrive from regarding the preciousness of Life. There is an Angel in you, meant to share these gifts with all of us. Something about your photos and your words hits a beautiful everlasting chord. Please continue to do what you do…until you’re 120!! <3 Orenda :)

    Liked by 1 person

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