New Personal Work

Personal work done by photographers often has a very important, and serious, story to tell.  My own personal projects are about things I want to say in the world that matter to me.  They vary in the degree of depth and magnitude, but none are as lighthearted and fun as the personal project I just added to my website.

I have been collecting photos for this series (as I happen upon them), since about 2009.  The idea arose from simple observation.  As I went about my daily life, I always noticed dogs waiting for their owners at various locations.  Waiting, with unending patience, for the return of the one they love.  I admired their peaceful fortitude, so it is no surprise that I titled the project, “Dogs Waiting”.  I will be adding to this project indefinitely…how could I not when I’m having so much fun?!!  If you would like to see more of the photos, here’s a link to my website.  I hope they bring a smile to your day!!  We all need more of those!


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