Lunar Eclipse – Supermoon in Seattle

Last night was interesting from where I was located.  During much of the moonrise phase, there was a thin layer across the sky preventing us from seeing the initial rising, which is something all the early birds were hoping to see.  At first, many people were checking their cell phones and looking at the promised timetables for our area, but quickly settled in to accept whatever was going to happen.

While we were waiting, we were gifted with something very beautiful.  For over an hour, the thin layer in the sky that was blocking our view of the moon turned very pink and, as it reflected off the water, we were in a pink and beautiful world.


While waiting (and hoping) for the show to begin, people entertained themselves.

Some played football…


Parents played with children…


Some guarded their owners…


And some went out on their paddle board…


Many just patiently waited and enjoyed the scene…


Then the pink began to rise higher and fade…


And the first glimpses were caught….


And, finally…


It was completely dark when I took the photo above and I could not see these people, only the tiny glow of what appeared to be a candle burning to the right.  I wanted to have foreground so I experimented with some long exposures, this one is at 2.5 seconds.  I have no glorious closeups of the moon to show you for I do not own the lenses to be able to do that (if you click on the above photo, the moon looks pretty decent, even though in the distance).  :)   Sometimes, you just have to create the best you can with what you have available to you and be happy and grateful for what you do have.  That is easy to do.

Near the end as people were leaving, car headlights made this colorful scene for me.  I like it!




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