Photobombs and other Fun Moments

I am a firm believer that a photo session should be FUN, both for those being photographed and for me!  :)   Humorous things happen sometimes during the sessions and, yes, I keep shooting because those are photos that will always bring a smile.  When these moments occur, I often get just one shot at it and have to hope I was lucky enough to document the moment well.  I thought I would share just a few of them with you in hopes of bringing a little joy to your day.

Recently, I was photographing this beautiful lady and just a few feet away there was a couple sitting on a bench.  I talked with them to see if they would mind us being in such close proximity for a few moments.  We kept chatting while I photographed and, all of a sudden, the gentleman said, “I’ve got to get in on this!” and jumped up to be in the photo.  In the first photograph I took, he made a super serious face, then I said something that made them laugh and got the photobomb photo that  I like best.


This little guy has quite a sense of humor and pulled off an excellent photobomb…_DSC4890_E3

One day, during one of my trips to NYC, a group of friends heading to Santacon asked me to take their photo.  While I was shooting their portrait, a limo suddenly pulled over and the bride jumped out for an awesome photobomb….



There are also humorous moments when children simply aren’t ready to join in….B_DSC6301_E2wm

And, you gotta love the honesty of children letting you know they are DONE.  The next photo was the very last one taken at a session involving a large extended family.  The kids had delivered total awesomeness for the whole shoot…posed with parents, then grandparents, the other children, etc.  When it was time to pose for the last one with an uncle, the show was over.  This photo is not staged, believe it or not, and when all this went down, of course, I kept shooting.  haha.  There is so much going on with each one of the kids… I LOVE this photo, it always makes me smile.  I still have it at the end of my family portfolio section on my website even though it was taken a couple of years back.  SO great….


Happy Friday!  Have a great weekend!


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