Walk This Way

During my recent trip to Colorado to attend a group show I was in, I added an extra day’s stay at the beginning and end of my trip so that I could explore the area and take photographs while I was there.  When I travel, it’s always photography related…a workshop, expo, exhibit, etc, meaning I’m indoors a lot, so I try to add a bit of free time which allows me to roam around, get lost (on purpose…SO fun!) and get a feel for the area.  Also, because I love to see different places, it is entirely possible that I will be in a particular place just one time (the next time I am able to travel I will want to see something else!  So far, New York, Italy, Canada, and now Colorado are exceptions to this).  I like to have some time to make photographs of my experiences, whatever they may be.  Those free days are important to me when I travel.

You can imagine my disappointment when, for some strange reason, I could hardly walk when I got off the plane in Colorado.  I don’t know what could have happened to my foot on that airplane, just sitting there, but it hurt so bad that I could hardly put weight on it.  I was so bummed.  I tried to go out a couple times and couldn’t walk more than a block.  Fortunately, downtown Fort Collins has plenty of benches for stopping, relaxing, and taking a break.  I remembered that earlier that day I had seen a beautiful brick wall with a complex shadow of a tree stretched out across it, only half a block from the apartment I was staying in.  I had already taken one photo of the shadows on one of my earlier failed attempts to walk around the city…L1003226_E So I limped over to the bench across from that brick wall.  I decided to make the best of the situation and create a small photo project, just for fun, of the people of Colorado passing by.  Maybe it simply helped me feel like I wasn’t missing out on my whole first day in Colorado to call it a ‘photo project’.  It certainly sounded a lot more important and appealing, in my mind, than calling it ‘stuck here on this bench’.  Turned out to be a fun challenge trying to catch interesting moments and people within the strict confines of sitting on a bench, in one spot.  After my foot was better, I went and sat in front of the wall for a few moments on one other day and took a few more photos with a different camera.







Even as the shadows began to fade, still a beautiful backdrop…..


I still liked the wall when the sun moved completely away from the tree and the light went flat.  Part of me loves these even more because there is less distraction and the passersby have more presence.  Live and learn.  :)L1003236_E



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