In early July, my son and I began a long-term travel adventure to Canada and Europe.  Life brought to us what felt like a now-or-never moment and we chose ‘now’ versus the possibility of regret for risking the alternative of never.  I sold everything I owned, including my car, and off we went!  We have been gone for about three months so far and if all goes as planned and hoped, we will be traveling for a full year.

I feel like I need to add a disclaimer here…I am not rich.  It will take a lot of creativity and budgeting and in these first three months I am learning as I go how to successfully make this happen and where I’ve made mistakes that have not been the best choices financially.  Both my son and I will learn a lot during this time.  Travel truly is the best education in so many different ways.

When we left, I started a separate travel blog (called 2EuropeWeGo) and if you are interested in signing up to follow along, you can find it here.  I will start posting some of our travel adventures here, also, for I miss this blog and the other bloggers here on WordPress that I used to be in contact with more.  There may be some duplication on the two blogs but they will not be exactly alike so I’d love to have you be in touch on both!   For sure, if you want to get caught up on the past three months, please see the travel blog for I would not be able to go back and bring all the posts over here.  There are stories of our experiences with different Places, People we’ve met, reviews of Lodging, Journal entries and a little About Us page with more details.  If you’re interested, please have a look…and follow :)… or, if not, I’ll be here more often with updates.  Have a great day!


l1001521_vtA photograph I took during our visit to Innsbruck, Austria.


  1. Orenda

    Hooray!! I’m so glad to get this post in my email! I barely missed getting hold of you via Skype recently.. Looking forward to checking out your travel blog too! I’ve been working on mine every night since my trip to Sedona which was A-MA-ZING! Very spiritual place, lots of synchronistic events happened to me while I was there but more on that another time. I’m SO glad that you and your son are getting so much out of the sojourn! Continued happy trails to you both! <3 Your buddy O. :)

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    1. photogwriter/Shari Bradbury Photography

      Well, Hello! I want to hear all about your Sedona trip! I am now in a place with decent wifi so let’s schedule a Skype call before I leave here (in a couple days after I get over this cold and sore throat…such a bummer to have while traveling but grateful that we have this place for another week so we’re not having to be on the road while sick). I will email you.

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