The Befriending of The Sheep

The cottage we are currently renting is surrounded by sheep on three sides. It is lovely to see them grazing in the lush fields of green at the base of these lofty mountains.

The sheep are getting used to us now.  The first few days we were here, they would run away whenever we stepped outside.  Even as they ran, I would say good morning to them and tell them they did not need to worry for we were kind people.



They gradually stopped running away but for a while still gave me some very strange looks. I think they thought I was the weirdest person they had ever seen. Who is this lady talking to us every time she comes outside?



Now, they not only stay and do not run away; some of them give me a good morning “Baaaaaa” in response to my greeting.


I take photographs of them almost every day and they are so used to it now that the camera doesn’t bother them. They will look at me for a moment or two, depending on their level of curiosity, then return to their grazing.


It has been lovely to see their transition from fear to trust, and it is such a treat to be in this beautiful space.



  1. Orenda

    Beautiful and peaceful like you. It’s like you’ve found your heaven! The sheep look happy in the frosty greenery and sunshine too. Enjoy your final week at the cabin my dear friend, can’t wait to see what’s next on your incredible journey! xoxo Orenda :)


  2. Robert Werner

    I love this story of friendship… everyday life with its quirks and nuances. You’re part of their herd now. What an honor!


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