A Moment in Amsterdam

My son and I went out for a walk one night and the streets were glistening, a beautiful reminder of the rain earlier in the day.  About 20 minutes into our walk it began to rain again and showed no sign of letting up, so we turned back toward our place.  When we were almost home, just two blocks away, I saw an old man walking up ahead of us, with his cane, overcoat, and hat.  His silhouette, the streetlamps exposing the raindrops, and no one else around in that moment…Perfect.  I only had a moment, a few seconds really, to get the shot.  Almost immediately after I noticed him and took the photograph, several other people turned onto the street and the mood shifted.

It’s not a perfect shot, not even a perfect moment.  I can see things that could be changed if I were setting up this shot and had control over each element.  Even with its imperfections, I like the way it feels and I wanted to share it with you.  What’s that saying?  True perfection exists only in imperfection.  I heard a saying once along those lines and I believe it’s true.  Perfection is found in the imperfections.



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